Green Day Out date Saturday 3rd Sept. 16

Welcome to your Green Day Out

An urban sustainable living fair presented by Inner Sydney Montessori School, Smith Street, Balmain and Trevor Street, Lilyfield.

Our vision is that the Green Day Out will bind together the school and local community, celebrating what urban sustainability means to all of us as individuals, as a group and of course for our environment.

This is our school’s major fundraising event of the year and as such our organising committee, school staff and teachers, students and their families have been putting in a great deal of time and talent to bring you a fair that will entertain, inspire and give everyone a sense of belonging.

The fair demonstrates some of the key principles and values of our school such as accountability and responsibility, balanced with courtesy and valuing others, the environment and ourselves.

It’s an opportunity to view the prepared environment of a Montessori classroom and learn more about what a genuine Montessori learning community can offer your young child.

Come and reconnect with what’s important to people, community and our environment – for a day of fun, entertainment, creativity and inspiration.

Looking forward to meeting you in 2017.

Stay green!

Dr Bill McKeith, Principal and the Green Day Out Organizing Committee